CatzR4Me Persian, Himalayan & Exotic Cats

Himalayan, Persian & Exotic Cats in South Carolina


Glad you could stop by.

 I would like to take a moment to introduce you to our Cattery.


Our family has been breeding quality Himalayan & Persian cats at reasonable prices for over 25 years.


CatzR4me is a small cattery located near Columbia, South Carolina.



Red Tabby "Cooter"


Bred by CatzR4me Cattery



We produce the solid and pointed Persian known as the Himalayan and the Pointed Shorthair Exotic

 (a shorthair Himalayan) in all colors but we specialize in Chocolate and Lilac.


All of our adults have been tested by either UC Davis in California or Gribbles in Australia for PKD,

a disease which has affected 30% of the Persian, Himalayan and Exotic population in the world. 

I am happy to say we are PKD free!!!


Our cats and kittens are guaranteed healthy and come with a minimum of their first set

of vaccinations and wormings. 


It is of great importance to me to nurture these cats and kittens in a loving, healthy,

disease-free environment. 


Routine vaccinations and veterinarian visits are part of our continuing struggle to preserve

 these breeds for future generations to love and appreciate.


Because our goal is to produce exceptionally affectionate cats & kittens with outgoing personalities,

we only have a few litters a year so we can devote one on one time to each kitten.


Adopt your next friend from CatzR4me and enjoy a lifetime of happiness

A purrfect friend in an otherwise imperfect world 



New laws issued in October 2013


limit shipping on ALL kittens purchased from breeders.


I can travel with the kitten if you need shipping. 

(Additional charges will apply.)


This is the only way other than you flying to me that it is legal to ship kittens.




For More Information, Email Us.........


[email protected]


or call at 803-414-1607


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