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Updated 2-3-17

We've got babies!

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Email for Info

[email protected]


Email for Info


"Now I lay me down to sleep"

May God Bless All Of You....

Email for more info.

Also available

Now planning our Christmas litters! 

E-Mail inquiries

Accepting Deposits Now

Older Cats Available Now! 

please email me or text 803-414-1607 

for more information or pictures.  

No calls or texts after 7 PM please.

Serious Inquiries Only



We are now planning our Christmas litters !!

We are taking waiting lists now

Please be aware that no kitten is reserved until a deposit is actually in hand.  
Due to too many people not following thru with appointments, deposits, etc, 
I no longer hold kittens on "good faith".  I am sorry if this offends some people but  
I cannot tell you how many Saturdays and Sundays, evenings, missed dinners or family time 
I have lost due to to the lack of someone simply saying "I've changed my mind".  
Therefore, if you really want a kitten, 
a non-refundable deposit is required or else it remains available for sale.

Please call or email for pictures or more information

No calls or texts after 7PM EST


Stay tuned for more info.....

Chocolate Tortie

"Dixie" (not available)

 Staying at CatzR4me

E-mail for more details....


New laws issued in November 2013


limit shipping on ALL kittens purchased from breeders.


I can travel with the kitten if you need shipping.


(Additional charges will apply.)



This is the only way other than you flying to me that it is legal to ship kittens.

More pictures available upon request

Previously Adopted Kittens

Lilac Persian Female

 Lilac Male

Red Tabby Male

Chocolate Male Persian

Lilac ESH Male (below)

Tortie ESH Female

Himalayan Seal Pt

Black Male Persian

Female Himalayans Twins - Adopted

Female Pointed Exotic



Staying At Catzr4me as Future Breeders


Lilac Pt. Female ESH

Past Litters

Summer 2013

2 Litters (born 2 days apart)

"Aren't we cute"

Easter 2012



Email  [email protected]

to reserve yours now.



More pictures upon request

ESH litter born 8-27-09 - Lilac, black and pointed males, Himmy litter born 9-6-09 - All lilac & chocolate point, ESH litter born 9-10-09 - Seal pt, Choc. Pt, Blue Pt, Lilac Pt, ESH litter born 9-15-09 - All lilac & chocolate points, Himmy litter born 9-16-09 - Seal pt, Choc. Pt, Blue Pt, Lilac Pt

More updates later!


Adoptable Adults

We will have a couple adult cats that are available

to forever homes for a small adoption fee.

Adults for Sale

No Adults at this moment........

Please e-mail for more pictures and other information

All of my cats are PKD negative. 

Serious inquires only.


E-Mail me at  [email protected]


References will  be required



Please e-mail me at   [email protected]   if you are interested in kittens before I am able to post their pictures.


Please e-mail for pictures and other information


please e-mail [email protected] or call 803-414-1607 for more information


Serious Inquiries Only

Serious inquiries can be made to   [email protected]

References Required

I reserve the right to deny sale or adoption for any reason or no reason

No cats or kittens are held without a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit in hand

If you cancel an appointment your cat/kitten can be offered to someone else (if NON-REFUNDABLE deposit has not been placed)


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